Things Go Better with Coke

According to Mark Pendergrast in For God, Country, and Coca Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It (Basic Books, 2000), the “Things Go Better with Coke” advertising campaign began in 1963. The company was in a defensive mode and trying to re-establish their dominance in the cola industry. Previous ad campaigns had failed to corner the new youth market in the way that Pepsi had. Copywriter and lyricist Bill Backer created this memorable jingle, which was first sung by the Limelighters. The Everlys were hired to give their spin on this classic along with other popular performers of the mid-1960s, including Neil Diamond, Petula Clark, Ray Charles, The Moody Blues, The Supremes, and Aretha Franklin. This version appears to date from around 1965 based on Pendergrast’s information.

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