Male Duos in Country Music

Brothers were not the only ones recording duets. Several notable duos recorded from the 1920s to the 1940s and are listed below.

Mac and Bob
Other names: Kentucky Mountain Boys, Miller Brothers, Bob & Mac, Bob Lester & Bud Green, Perry Brothers, McFarland & Gardner, Parsons & Kent, The Radio Duo, The Desmond Duo
Lester McFarland (b. 2/2/1902, Gray KY; d. 7/24/1984)
Robert A. Gardner (b. 12/16/1897, Oliver Springs, TN; d. 9/30/1978)
First recording: 10/13/1926, Vocalion
Noteworthy songs:
Vocal style:

Karl and Harty
Other names: Renfro Valley Boys
Karl Victor Davis (b. 12/17/1905, Mount Vernon, KY; d. 5/20/1979)
Hartford Connecticut Taylor (b. 4/11/1905, Mount Vernon, KY; d. 10/18/1963)
First recording: 12/1931, Paramount
Noteworthy songs: “I’m Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail,” “Prisoner’s Dream,” “Kentucky”
Vocal style:

Johnny and Jack
Johnny Robert Wright (b. 5/13/1914, Mount Juliet, TN)
Jack Anglin (b. 1916, Franklin, TN; d. 3/7/1963)
First recording:
Noteworthy songs: “Down South in New Orleans,” “Poison Love”
Instruments: both on guitar?
Vocal Style: Jack sang tenor (had a high voice like Ira Louvin and Bill Monroe)
Johnny was married to Kitty Wells.

Wiley and Gene
Wiley Walker (b. 11/17/1911, Laurel Hills, FL; d. 5/17/1966)
Gene Sullivan (b. 11/6/1914, Carbon Hill, AL; d. 10/24/1984)
First recording:
Noteworthy songs: “Live and Let Live,” “When My Blue Moon Turns Cold Again”
Vocal style:


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