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Music, Satire, and TV – Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of music in creating or aiding narrative satire in television. The first step was trying to grasp the differences between satire, parody, and irony, terms that seem to be used interchangeably by

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CFP: Hidden Narratives essay collection

Kendra Leonard and I will be editing this collection. Please feel free to share widely. ~~~~~~~~~~~ The dominant narratives of women in music have neglected, obscured, or minimized the successes and importance of countless female musicians who became the driving

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More on Dylan

As a follow up to my post on Dylan, here are some recommended readings/listening: Elijah Wald’s piece in the Oxford American, “Think Twice“ My friend ad colleague, Joanna Smolko, wrote a 4-part series on the Avid Listener about Bruce Springsteen,

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Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize for Literature: Challenging the Gatekeepers

[The following was a talk given at the Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship/Center for Advancement of STEM Education Nobel Panel, Bridgewater State University, November 14, 2016.] The announcement that the Nobel Prize Committee had awarded Bob Dylan the

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Do We Like Sad Music?

As reported in the New York Times, a researcher with the Okanoya Emotional Information Project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency thinks we do. The study tested people’s reactions to different types of music. The researchers learned that we respond

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This post is really just to test sharing a Spotify playlist. In spite of the fact that only Don was born in Kentucky and for the most part both Don and Phil were raised in Chicago and Shenandoah, Iowa, the

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Digital Collections of Sheet Music

I’m writing a review on digital collections of sheet music. One frustrating aspect has been simply locating these collections. The Sheet Music Consortium lists the collections from which they harvest metatdata (i.e., collections that you can search using their tools),

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Here We Are Again

This seems like a good post now that I have retired some of my older blogs and websites and begun to consolidate the information stored there into this new site. Don and Phil Everly began writing songs as teenagers. Their

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Things Go Better with Coke

According to Mark Pendergrast in For God, Country, and Coca Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It (Basic Books, 2000), the “Things Go Better with Coke” advertising campaign began in 1963. The

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Writer’s Constipation

For anyone who was following my old blog, you know that I committed to chronicling my writing progress, documenting the triumphs and tragedies. I made a glorious plan, set up a schedule, publicly announced it and immediately failed at it.

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