Year: 2016

CFP: Hidden Narratives essay collection

Kendra Leonard and I will be editing this collection. Please feel free to share widely. ~~~~~~~~~~~ The dominant narratives of women in music have neglected, obscured, or minimized the successes and importance of countless female musicians who became the driving

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More on Dylan

As a follow up to my post on Dylan, here are some recommended readings/listening: Elijah Wald’s piece in the Oxford American, “Think Twice“ My friend ad colleague, Joanna Smolko, wrote a 4-part series on the Avid Listener about Bruce Springsteen,

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Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize for Literature: Challenging the Gatekeepers

[The following was a talk given at the Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship/Center for Advancement of STEM Education Nobel Panel, Bridgewater State University, November 14, 2016.] The announcement that the Nobel Prize Committee had awarded Bob Dylan the

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